Affordable Health Insurance in West Virginia
Affordable Health Insurance in West Virginia

With the rising costs of prescription drugs, health care treatment, services, and technology, it seems that ensuring good health has become an expensive task. However, despite this fact, every person is obliged to ensure that his health and finances are properly secured.

Fortunately, there is a way to save on costs while obtaining adequate health protection. You can target these two essential aims simultaneously simply by getting and keeping an affordable health insurance in West Virginia.

Know Your Options: Affordable Group, Individual, Family, and Student Health Insurance

1. Group Health Insurance Basics
If you’re an employee, it is feasible to join the group plan that your employer provides, given that he offers coverage of such benefits. However, group coverage is not limited to the workplace. You can seek coverage elsewhere such as from organizations, trade unions, associations, and other similar groups that offer their members health insurance.
The most common types of employer-sponsored group plans that you can join depends on the nature and size of the business. Small employer plans are those with qualified employees ranging from 2 to 50. Large employer plans are those provided by employers whose business does not meet the standards of small businesses. Other group plans offered by associations also generally fall under a large-group plan.

Characteristics may vary for each, but in general, small-employer plans usually offer less extensive benefits than large-employer or large-group plans. Another factor that would determine premiums and extensiveness of coverage is whether you are about to join a self-insured or fully-insured group plan. Regardless, group health plans offer wieldy premiums by nature, most especially if your employer contributes to the premium payment.

2. Individual Health Insurance Basics
Despite the traditional notion that employer-sponsored group plan is the more affordable health insurance in West Virginia compared to an individual plan, individual health insurance has increasingly gained popularity among consumers because of several reasons. These include the steep rate of unemployment, wanting a more customizable health care coverage and costs, or simply lacking access to group health coverage.
The insurer can base his decisions on your health status, such as your past and current medical conditions, in terms of whether or not to sell you an individual policy. The insurer can also impose elimination riders, or particular amendments to your policy that indicate exclusions for certain health conditions or body parts. If you fail to qualify due to a medical condition, you may check if you are eligible for the state’s AccessWV.

Coverage depends on the type of policy you intend to purchase, given the fact that individual health insurers are not obliged to sell standardized policies. Still, there are state-mandated benefits that all individual health plans should cover including childhood immunizations. Costs can be higher due to your health status, occupation, and gender, among other factors. Simultaneously, rates can also be lower due to these same determinants, especially if you are a young and low-risk individual. You can also ensure affordability through purchasing a high-deductible plan.

3. Additional Notes: Family and Student Health Insurance
Family health insurance generally falls under individual health insurance, wherein the single purchased policy covers your family members. At the same time, certain group health plans may also cover your dependents.

If you’re a student, student health insurance may be obtained through the university-offered group health plan, or through purchasing an individual plan directly from an insurer. A student is generally young and is likely healthier than adults. If this case proves true for you, it will be less difficult for you to purchase an individual policy that stands as an  affordable health insurance in West Virginia, than for those who are higher-risk and older individuals.

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Affordable Health Insurance in West Virginia