Affordable Health Insurance in South Carolina
Affordable Health Insurance in South Carolina

Health insurance is vital for better health and financial security. However, keep in mind that a health insurance purchase can be costly. You should ensure that before deciding, you have first researched on various options, understood specific regulations, and assessed your own and your family’s coverage preferences and necessities. To aid in purchasing affordable health insurance in South Carolina, one method is to acquire the fitting and adequate health insurance that covers only what you need.

Tips: Shopping for Health Insurance
The State of South Carolina Department of Insurance created a brochure in an effort to aid consumers in making wise purchase decisions. The following are some of the body’s recommended measures:
- Do not give in when agents or sellers pressure you into purchasing a policy. Decisions made in haste are usually regrettable decisions, especially when applied to purchasing health insurance, which demands careful consideration of several details and option-weighing.
- Check the regulations of your prospective policy: Are there pre-existing conditions and other exclusions? A pre-existing condition is a particular, current health condition at the time of your  application or purchase. You should also assess how the health insurance company defines it.
- Make sure that you are able to fill out the application form completely, and honestly. An insurance company can deny honouring your claims due to misinformation; and worse, your policy can also be cancelled.

Tip: Available Options in South Carolina
Depending on the type of health insurance plan that you would like to purchase, the general ways or avenues in which you can acquire them are through group coverage or individual coverage. This is the general trend; provided that you can afford a purchase, instead of getting coverage through public health care programs.

- Group health plans are often affordable health insurance in South Carolina, because of its low premiums. If your employer offers it, you may choose to obtain group coverage through the employer-sponsored group plan. Check with the employer if the type of group plan is fully insured or self-insured; since variations may arise with each type.

Although there are limits on the pre-existing condition exclusion of group health plans as mandated by the state, you can still be imposed with exclusions. As such, you should always be aware if the employer-sponsored group plan you’re about to enrol in has such exclusion regulations. Furthermore, assess whether the plan cover dependents; and if the given coverage is adequate enough for you and your family.

Individual health insurance, or family health insurance, covers an individual or a whole family under the single policy that was purchased. Unlike when signing up for an employer-sponsored group health plan, the contract exists between you and your health insurance company.

As in many other states, private insurers or individual insurance companies can refuse to sell you a policy because of your health status; can charge you with higher premiums if your “condition” is expensive; or can impose elimination riders. Regulations and policy specifics may vary depending on the insurance company and the type of plan offered because of the fact that companies are not obliged by the state to sell standardized policies.

- Student health insurance in South Carolina can be obtained through the college or university currently attended, or through the individual market. If offered by the college, you may check if your coverage needs and preferences are met by the school-sponsored group coverage. If not, you may choose other alternatives and still likely get an affordable health insurance in South Carolina because you are still a student; much more if you are healthy and young.
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Affordable Health Insurance in South Carolina