Affordable Health Insurance in Seattle
Affordable Health Insurance
Assurant health offers major medical insurance policies in Seattle as well as PPO plans and HSAs.
LifeWise Insurance is one of the best health insurance companies in Seattle, with affordable rates.
Croup Health Cooperative of Washington has a great name and reputation from years of experience.
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What you should know about Health Insurance in Seattle, Washington
Affordable health insurance in Seattle is not as hard to find as you might think. Due to regulations set forth by the insurance commissioner, all health insurance companies that sell individual or family health insurance policies in the state are all required to use the exact same health questionnaire and health scoring system. Because of this, some people that may not qualify for health insurance in some other states that do complete underwriting on every individual application. One of the benefits of this approach is that any insurance company that wishes to conduct business in the state has to be very innovative with their plan designs in order to maintain a wide enough profit margin to stay in business.
What types of health care services are covered?
The types of health care services that are covered will vary widely depending on the company you choose, and the type of plan. Some plans will have very high deductibles but will offer coverage for things such as doctors office visits being covered with no deductible to be met before the company will help you pay for them. Other types of plans will cover maternity coverage, some will not. Some will also cover thing such as routine exams, vision care, and prescription drugs.

You should note that in Washington State, for individual and family health insurance plans, the medical insurance companies can not discriminate on gender. What that means is that if you are a male, and you choose a health plan that covers maternity care, you are paying an increased rate for coverage that you can never use since you can never become pregnant. It is a really good idea for males to choose a plan that does not have maternity coverage built into it so that they can save money each month on their insurance premiums.
Which are the best health insurance companies in Seattle?
Actually, all of the insurance companies that conduct business in Washington all have excellent reputations for plan design, rate stability, and customer service. All three of the companies above offer many times of plans and deductible options. HMO plans are offered from Group Health, but PPO plans, Health Savings Accounts, and Catastrophic Major Medical Insurance is also offered by all thre companies above.
If you are self employed, make sure you shop for the right coverage!
Self employed people in Washington really need to make sure that they choose a health plan that covers them while they are working. Some plans will not as they leave that type of coverage for the department of Labor and Industries to cover them Unfortunately, most self employed people in WA State do not pay into L & I  for themselves, even if they do so for their employees. LifeWise is a great choice for those who need health insurance for self employed people in Seattle.
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Affordable Health Insurance in Seattle