Affordable Health Insurance in Raleigh
Affordable Health Insurance in Raleigh
In general, the city of Raleigh shares in North Carolina’s current struggle against incidences that pose a high dent to the health of Raleigh’s residents. The figures currently show that along with the high infant mortality rate and smoking incidences, a large number of residents also remain uninsured or under-insured. As such, if you currently belong to the cluster of uninsured or under-insured residents, it is important for you to acknowledge the need of having a fitting and affordable health insurance in Raleigh, and to further start considering your health insurance options.
What are your options? Apart from public alternative care programs, there are a variety of plans that you may obtain or purchase through group health insurance, or through individual health insurance from the private market.

Group health insurance is typically offered by employers, or through trade unions and professional associations.  It is relatively easy to qualify for an employer-sponsored group coverage. This is because your health status cannot be a valid basis for ineligibility; for being imposed with exclusion; and for being charged with additional fines; although you may be disqualified due to other valid factors. When it comes to guaranteed renewable group plans offered by your employer, you can get sick without fearing that your policy will be cancelled. Furthermore, group plans can extend coverage to your wife and children, depending on the terms. Group coverage may also be obtained by students through signing up for the school-sponsored group health insurance.

In general, group health insurance — whether for a single employee along with family coverage, or for a student — stands as one of the good sources of obtaining affordable health insurance in Raleigh. However, a notable downside is that benefit options and coverage inclusions are usually limited compared to those attained through individual health insurance.

Individual health insurance is more flexible than group health insurance, and provides more opportunities of obtaining adequate coverage. People who want to have more comprehensive coverage opt to purchase an individual policy that will take effect along with their existing group policy, or to replace it altogether.

An individual policy can be purchased to cover your whole family, which usually explains why family health insurance and individual health insurance are often treated and understood as the same. Private insurers that sell individual policies can choose to refuse to sell you a policy based on your health status, and they can also impose exclusions on certain conditions or charge added fees because of it. However, such relative freedom of several individual health insurance companies does not apply to Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Students may also seek the private market for health insurance, provided that the school allows them to become properly insured apart from coverage offered by the school, or that the policy provides adequate coverage that passes the standards set by the school.
Health status, age, and family size are all key determinants as to how much your premiums will cost. As such, being young, having a small family, and enjoying a generally good health status are also key factors that can highly ensure that you wind up with an affordable health insurance in Raleigh through individual health plans. Furthermore, purchasing a high-deductible plan also substantially reduces your succeeding premiums.

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Affordable Health Insurance in Raleigh