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This website does not collect any information directly from our website visitors other than internet traffic statistics. Affordablehealthinsurancez.com is a free service that is designed to direct people searching on the internet to the most relevant vendors to assist them in their search for affordable health insurance plans.

Once a site visitor clicks on a vendor from a list of providers, that visitor is directed to that particular vendors website or portal and leaves the safety provisions of this website.

For the states or Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, and Oklahoma, site visitors may be directed to our own portals to present health insurance options and quotes to them. Once a visitor has clicked on an insurance company portal entrance, they enter into the safety and privacy provisions of that particular insurance company.

We will always do our best to protect our clients personal, and private information if any is given directly to our company from either a contact form, email, a phone call, or from any company we currently hold appointments with, we will take every measure possible to ensure that your information stays private, and secure.

We will never provide any vendor, sales company, ad agency any information about our web site visitors for any reason other that as described above.
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