Affordable Health Insurance Plans

Affordable Health Insurance
How do I choose the most affordable health insurance plan?
After learning about the different types of coverage above, the best way to choose the most affordable health insurance plan for you and your family is to contact an agent in your area. This website is designed to allow you to get information, and get in touch with health insurance agents in your area who are experts at answering your questions , and helping you choose from all of the plans in your state. Simply check the type of coverage you are looking for (individual, family, short term, group insurance, or dental insurance) from the drop down list above, and click on the red button to be shown affordable health insurance plans in your area.
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Affordable Health Insurance Plans

There are many different types of affordable health insurance plans that can make your coverage cheaper. The trick is to shop around to the various companies, find what your needs are, they type of plan that best fits your needs, and of course, one that fits your budget.

Major Medical Health Insurance Plans
One type of coverage that is very affordable are called Major Medical Health Insurance. Just as the name implies, these types of policies are designed more for protection against major financial health events. The people that typically look for this type of a plan are usually fairly healthy, and are comfortable paying for their routine health care costs out of their own pockets. Usually, these plans will utilize a higher deductible ($2500-$10,000), and after the deductible has been met, the insurance company will usually cover 80-100%

Health Savings Accounts (HSA Plans)
Health Savings Accounts or HSA plans are another great way to make your coverage affordable. These lower cost, health insurance plans are also usually a higher deductible ($2500-$10,00) per year, and are tied to a medical savings account that is set up at a bank. The policy holder then contributes money each year into the savings account and that money is to be used for covering your medical expenses for the year before your deductible has been met. Once your plan deductible is met for the year, the insurance company will begin covering medical expenses however their policy states. The policy holder get to write off the contributions to their health savings account off on thier taxes up to $5400 per year for a family.

PPO Insurance Plans
Preferred Provider Organization plans are offered by health insurance companies that will utilize health care provider networks. These networks are providers that typically have contracts with certain insurance companies. Both parties have predetermined what the provider will charge, and what the insurance company will pay for specific health care services. PPO insurance plans can offer excellent savings  for the consumer in that the insurance companies have bargaining power with their providers and can negotiate lower prices on your behalf. Usually with out you even knowing that they are doing so. After all, the health insurance companies don't want to have to pay out any more than they have to either. So everyone saves money!

Health Maintenance Plans (HMO plans)
HMO plans are offered by companies that would classify as a self insuring group. They have their own providers, at their own facilities, and they work directly with the patient to maintain their health care. Just like with any other type of health insurance coverage, choosing a plan that has a higher deductible can help you save money each month your health care costs.

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Affordable Health Insurance Plans
Affordable Health Insurance Plans
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