Affordable Health Insurance in Oregon
Affordable Health Insurance
Assurant health offers major medical insurance policies in  Oregon and many other states. .
LifeWise health insurance in Oregon has excellent rates, and plan design flexibility.
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Affordable Oregon Health Insurance
Affordable health insurance in Oregon is available via this website from Assurant Health and LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon. Both companies offer low deductible health insurance plans, and high deductible catastrophic major medical plans

Self employed, individual, and family insurance plans from either company will give you piece of mind and great value. By taking the time to look over the different choices for medical coverage, you can find a plan that best suits your needs, your familes needs, or that of your business.
LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon
LifeWise Health Plan or Oregon has been an innovative leader in health care plan designs. Many of the companies that offer policies from Portland, to Albany, Eugene, Salem, to Beaverton, to Bend have started following their lead and being very creative in finding ways to save their customers money.

One thing that LifeWise has done on their Wise Essentials series of plans is to offer plans that will allow their policy holders to go to the doctor for up to 6 times each year with NO DEDUCTIBLE and only a simple flat co pay. Other plans from LifeWise can allow for unlimited doctors office visits with no deductible to meet first. Truly an industry leader

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Assurant Health - An Industry Leader Nation Wide!
Assurant Health has been in the health insurance industry in the United States for over 100 years. One of the things the really set Assurant health apart from all other insurance companies in the nation is that the allow you to completely custom design your health insurance plan to cover exactly what you want.

First you select the type of plan (HMO, Major Medical, Catastrophic, or Comprehensive. Then you select your deductible option ad each time you select an option, the rates will automatically recalculate so you are able to view exactly what you will be spending each month.  On top of all of these great health insurance options, Assurant also offers a 2 years rate gurantee! They are the only health care company in Oregon that offers that!

Assurant health also offeres temporary health insurance in Oregon.
Each of these companies will give you the highest levels of customer service, and value. If you are still unsure, talk to your doctors, your friends and coworkers to see what their coverage does, then look up quotes from these companies yourself. You will see that there are indeed affordable health health insurance choices in Oregon.
Affordable Health Insurance in Oregon