Affordable Health Insurance in Oklahoma
Affordable Health Insurance in Oklahoma

Because of the important benefits that health insurance can give, choosing to be uninsured can be regrettable—especially once you realize how your financial resources start draining due to huge and increasing medical bills. Most especially, the regret intensifies when you experience how you and your family fail to get the treatment that your injury or grave medical condition requires.

There are many ways to have affordable health insurance in Oklahoma. However, you will exert effort into researching and understanding the basics—including the coverage options available to you depending on several factors such as your status and age, financial capacities, and preferences.

Different Coverage Options for Different People

1. As an employer
Many employers find it rewarding for their businesses when they offer coverage to their employees. If you are a small employer, with 2-50 employees including you in the head count: You may opt to purchase a group health plan from a private insurer. In most instances, purchasing a group health plan for a small business entitles you with guaranteed issue. This means that health insurance companies cannot turn down or reject your application. Your eligibility to purchase group coverage cannot be based on your health status, or any factor that the insurer may use as a basis of how your employees or group will need and use health services. However, if you are purchasing a group health plan for a large business, ranging from 51 to more employees, private insurers can turn your group down.

2.As an employee
If you are an employee, you may be eligible for the employer-sponsored group plan that your employer offers. This type is one of the most affordable health insurance in Oklahoma.

Check if you qualify for the group plan. Certain standards may render you ineligible, such as being a part-time employee, or if the group plan is an HMO and you do not live within its service area. However, you are entitled to non-discrimination. This means that your application or eligibility cannot be based on your health status, which refers to your genetic information, medical condition or history. Many group plans may also offer family coverage.

3. Individual coverage for you and your family
If you find that the employer-sponsored group plan offers too limited benefit options, you have the choice to purchase health insurance from private insurers. Although usually referred to as individual plans, these do not merely cater to you — you may pay and purchase a single policy that covers your family. Unlike in group plans, however, your health status may be a valid ground for an insurer to reject your application, to impose limitations on your benefits, and to impose higher prices.  This is simultaneously a potential blessing; especially if you and your family have a good health status, then an individual plan can likely be purchased at low or wieldy costs.

4. As a student
Since many colleges and universities require students to have health insurance, you can obtain coverage through a school-sponsored group plan. As prevalent in many group plans, group coverage offered by your school is an affordable health insurance in Oklahoma. However, you may also turn to other venues such as in the individual market, provided that you purchase a health insurance plan that is comparable the school-sponsored group coverage. 
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Affordable Health Insurance in Oklahoma