Affordable Health Insurance in Oakland
Affordable Health Insurance in Oakland

Purchasing and keeping affordable health insurance in Oakland will significantly aid you in your pursuit for better health and financial security in the midst of paying for overwhelming medical expenses. A life with largely secured financial and health protection—how else could you want anything less for you and your family?

Health insurance: Choosing among several options
If you do not need to resort to government-subsidized programs or alternatives, then your health insurance choices in Oakland can be classified into two main clusters: Either you obtain coverage through group health insurance or individual health insurance. You may also obtain health insurance through both types simultaneously—there are insured people through an existing group policy that still shop for individual health insurance because it offers more comprehensive coverage and options.

Employer sponsored-group coverage may extend coverage to your family or dependents, but family health insurance is more popularly and wisely purchased as individual health insurance, wherein your family obtains coverage under an individual policy. This is because individual purchasing health insurance allows you and your particular and unique coverage needs to be properly addressed; unlike with group health insurance, wherein certain coverage preferences will have to go uncovered due to limited options, despite being one of the best ways to obtain affordable health insurance in Oakland because of generally low premiums. Schools in Oakland usually offer group coverage to students, but individual student health insurance may also be availed, especially for those who want a more comprehensive coverage.

Group and individual health insurance specifics
With group health insurance, if you do not strive to be a policyholder, then you will have to participate in the available group coverage offered by policyholders—which are employers, professional associations, and other organizations. The most popular way is through employer-based group health insurance coverage, in which your eligibility to be covered as an employee cannot be based on your health status. Although rates and options will vary depending on the business size and whether the employer offers a fully-insured or self-insured group health plan, premiums are generally low, particularly with small-business group health plans. 

Individual health insurance is privately purchased from insurers, and offers a wider set of benefit options to choose from. If you are non-HIPAA eligible, then your eligibility to purchase an individual policy can be based on your health status. This means that insurers can choose to refuse to sell you a policy or impose special limitations on your policy. However, your genetic information cannot be a valid basis in relation to your eligibility. Otherwise: If you are HIPAA eligible, then your access to purchasing individual health insurance is guaranteed, although insurers can choose to limit your policy options into two.

How much premium you will be charged also depends on whether you are HIPAA eligible or not. If you are, then there are state regulations that limit how much insurers can charge you. Otherwise, insurers are free to impose prices, based on your age, family, size, gender, health status, and other risk-determining factors. As such, although individual health insurance can be expensive because of such factors, it can simultaneously be affordable—provided that you apply at a young age, you have a good health status, and other means that will heighten your chances of obtaining affordable health insurance in Oakland through individual health insurance.
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Affordable Health Insurance in Oakland