Affordable Health Insurance in North Dakota
Affordable Health Insurance in North Dakota

Because of the state’s efforts in wanting to reduce the number of uninsured people, and in striving to uphold the welfare of its residents, an affordable health insurance in North Dakota is easily made available for you. You just have to do your part in asking aid from knowledgeable people, understanding coverage specifics, assessing your financial capacity, and being updated with changing regulations and consumer protections enforced in the state.

Health Insurance Coverage
You have many health insurance options, depending on the specific coverage inclusions and benefits that you prefer. The following are some of the details that you should know when choosing a specific type of coverage offered in North Dakota:

*If you are an employer or company owner, and you wish to provide coverage for your employees, you may purchase a group health plan from an insurance provider. For small businesses, one of the standards that qualify you to purchase it is based on the company size, where the number should fall from 2-50 employees.

*If you are an employee, you may choose the employer-sponsored group plan. Your qualifications in obtaining coverage cannot be based on your health status. Many plans also extend coverage to your dependents, although you and your family’s options and inclusions are limited.

*If you find that the employer-sponsored coverage lacks benefit options that your coverage should ideally have, you may choose to purchase an individual plan directly from a private insurer. An individual plan is far more customizable than a group plan. It is also known as family health insurance, if you want your family covered through paying for a single policy.

However, your eligibility to purchase it depends on your health status; and coverage costs may vary depending on your health status, age, and other factors. As such, individual plans are potentially affordable health insurance in North Dakota if purchased while the applicant, along with the dependents he wants covered, is young and has a good health status. If you are denied coverage due to a certain health condition, you may check your eligibility to get insured through CHAND.

*Student health insurance may be obtained from a school-based group coverage; or through purchasing a separate, individual coverage from the individual private market.

North Dakota Regulations
The importance of familiarizing yourself with enforced regulations within the state is all the more intensified because regulation reforms and modifications arise.
An example is through the Affordable Care Act, which delineates more consumer protections and benefits than previous health insurance regulations in North Dakota. These protections will become effective on or following September 23, 2010.

*Insurance companies will be prohibited from placing lifetime limits on their offered coverage, which will largely provide relief for more than 400,000 residents covered through private insurance.

*Insurance companies will also be prohibited from denying or cancelling coverage to people during instances when they become ill, which will benefit over 60,000 residents that purchased health insurance in the individual market.

*Health plans, which include coverage for children under the parents’ policy, is obliged to allow children to continuously retain their coverage until they are 26 years old. The exception applies when the covered child gain access to or chooses an employer-based coverage.

These soon-to be enforced consumer protections clearly provide key benefits, which heighten the chances of purchasing both a more comprehensive and affordable health insurance in North Dakota.
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Affordable Health Insurance in North Dakota