Affordable Health Insurance in North Carolina
Affordable Health Insurance in North Carolina

Besides understanding the necessity of having health insurance coverage, you should do your part in boosting the state’s welfare by simply getting yourself a fitting and affordable health insurance in North Carolina. This is because North Carolina, having approximately 9 million residents, continuously struggles with certain statistics that challenge the state’s health care system. Such difficulties include its high rate of infant mortality, high prevalence of smoking among residents, and high percentage of uninsured people.

Health Insurance Choices: Key Characteristics and Regulations
If you can afford health insurance that is not provided by public or state-sponsored programs, your choices are generally to acquire coverage under group or individual health insurance.
Obtaining coverage under a group health plan usually entails that you enrol in the group plan offered by your employer.

* To be generally eligible, you must be a full-time employee; or you must have worked for the company for at least 6 months, at a rate of 20 hours per week. As such, the employer cannot refuse to have you covered, impose policy restrictions, and charge additional fines based on your health status.

* Furthermore, provided that your group plan is guaranteed renewable, your policy cannot be cancelled or terminated if you become ill.

* Your monthly costs will depend on how much your employer contributes and around 20% of the insurance company’s index rate.

Many group plans extend coverage to family members; as such, try to find out if your employer-sponsored plan also provides family coverage.

If you’re looking to obtain student health insurance under a group plan, you will generally sign up for the group plan provided by the college or university.
If you find that the group plan is inadequate, you may choose not to take part in it and purchase an individual policy instead. You may also purchase individual coverage, along with the current group plan you have, in order to supplement it. Contrary to popular notion, you can obtain affordable health insurance in North Carolina through an individual policy.

* Individual health insurance can include your family in the coverage, which is why it also referred to as family health insurance.

* On a general note, all private insurers that sell individual coverage in the state have the discretion of refusing your application, or imposing special policy limitations based on your health status and other factors; unless you purchase from Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

* Despite the insurance company’s freedom to sell non-standardized policies, there are state-mandated benefits or services that all individual policies should have such as diabetes services, pap smears, and mammograms. Obtaining individual health coverage allows you to enjoy guaranteed renewability.

* If you have a health condition that requires expensive treatment and services, your premiums are likely to be very expensive. This is because North Carolina private insurers set prices based on your health status, the type of policy you choose, and the size of your family if you want family health insurance. As such, you can be offered low costs if you and your family are healthy and young, and if the family size is small.

* If you wish to obtain student health insurance under an individual plan, you can purchase an individual student health plan from a private insurer. Because age and health are factors that determine individual policy expenses; as a student, you can easily purchase an affordable health insurance in North Carolina.
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Affordable Health Insurance in North Carolina