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Affordable Health Insurance in New York City
Affordable Health Insurance in New York City

In shopping for the most affordable health insurance in New York City, there are several factors that must be taken into account. However, before assessing your options-you should first strive to be a responsible New York consumer and prospective purchaser.

The first step is to know your boundaries and regulations as a consumer. You can further seek more information about such particularities by asking authorities and state professionals that work to oversee operations within the health insurance industry. They will help you understand the technicalities and the specific regulations related to your coverage options; especially with the changing nature of state regulations. For example, the state of New York-and thus, New York City-will require all its residents to each have a health insurance plan by the year 2014.

After undertaking preparative measures such as those that were earlier mentioned, you can already proceed further and assess your health insurance options.

Ways to acquire health insurance

Obtaining health insurance can generally be segregated into two basic ways- through group health insurance and individual health insurance.

Group health insurance is often offered by employers who purchased a group health plan for their employees, although there are other possible venues-through trade unions and associations. Under an employer-sponsored coverage, your family and immediate dependents can also be included as valid beneficiaries. Furthermore, your eligibility to become part of the employer-sponsored group coverage cannot be based on your health status; although other reasons may validly jeopardize your qualification. For example, you cannot join the plan if the employer offers an HMO plan, and you live outside the planís service area.

However, group health plans are usually not as comprehensive and customizable as individual health plans. If you prefer an affordable health insurance in New York City that simultaneously offers more extensive options, you may want to purchase an individual health plan directly from an insurer. 

Similar to group health plans, your eligibility to buy your prospective individual health insurance plan is guaranteed. This means that factors such as your health status, age, and gender cannot be valid grounds for a private insurer to refuse to sell you a policy, to charge you with additional fines, and to impose elimination riders in your policy. 

-It is common for trade schools, graduate schools, universities and colleges to offer group coverage to their students. However, as is the usual case with group health plans: Benefit options are limited. If youíre a student and you want a more comprehensive student health insurance, you might want to purchase an individual student health plan through the private or individual market. 

Tips when purchasing individual health insurance

While you are at the process of choosing the suitable and affordable health insurance policy in New York City, you must also take note of the type of coverage that your prospective health insurance companies offer. Try to look for the plan that offers most benefit options, which should simultaneously include services and benefits that address your particular health insurance needs. You must also analyze if you can afford the coverage costs by looking at monthly premiums and deductibles. Usually, purchasing a high-deductible enables you to obtain affordable health insurance in New York City through individual health insurance.