Affordable Health Insurance in New Orleans
Affordable Health Insurance in New Orleans

Despite the importance of getting ample coverage, several people from the city remain uninsured and underinsured, as is the case in the whole of Louisiana. Fortunately, finding and keeping affordable health insurance in New Orleans has become a wieldier task, because of the joint national and local efforts to enhance the health of respective citizens.
If you and your family remain and choose to be uninsured, it is time to reconsider. The following outlines the basic ways of obtaining health insurance without resorting to government-subsidized programs.

Key things to note when choosing between group or individual coverage
Signing up for group coverage offered by policyholders is the easiest way to keep costs low while having adequate coverage, given how group health insurance is generally characterized by low premiums. Although costs may still vary depending on whether the plan is self-insured or fully-insured, or the type of plan offered, and on how much the policyholder contributes to premiums; costs are still relatively wieldy. However, the trade off for low expenses is providing limited benefit options, although some plans may allow you to choose your physicians—still, the policyholder generally has a huge say on which plan to offer you and other eligible individuals. As such, despite being a good way of obtaining affordable health insurance in New Orleans, group health insurance may also fail at addressing your specific health care needs.
On the other hand, individual health insurance poses several advantages that compensate for the aspects where group health insurance lacks. It is more individualized, it offers more extensive options to choose from, and it ensures a more comprehensive coverage. However, private insurers in New Orleans, as in most states, will base premiums and other costs on subjective factors such as your health status. In this sense, you can be charged with high premiums if you have a grave and expensive medical condition.

Eligibility concerns
Apart from employers, your other sources for group coverage include schools, associations and unions; but employer-sponsored coverage remains the most feasible source. Your employer must automatically have you covered, provided that he offers coverage, and that you qualify for coverage. In any case, you cannot be disqualified due to your health status.
When applying for individual health insurance, health insurance companies or private insurers generally have the right to refuse to sell you a policy because of your health status, and other factors that render you a high-risk individual. Health status in this case does not include your genetic information.

Family and student health insurance
Employer-sponsored coverage may also cover your family members or dependents, depending on the terms. In this case, your concern will go back to the very issue of group health insurance—despite hitting several birds with one stone, coverage is generally more limited and less individualized than individual health insurance. As such, you should strongly consider purchasing family health insurance through the individual or private market.
Student health insurance can also be obtained through the group coverage offered by schools, especially since most colleges and universities require students to have health insurance. However, if you’re a student and you want a more comprehensive coverage that can possibly be purchased and kept at low costs, individual student health insurance is the best option for you. Being young and having a good health status are just some of the ways that position individual coverage as a good source of affordable health insurance in New Orleans.

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Affordable Health Insurance in New Orleans