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Affordable Health Insurance in Nevada
Affordable Health Insurance in Nevada
If you are currently uninsured, you should start the process of choosing and purchasing a fitting and affordable health insurance in Nevada. The task may seem tedious at first, but it will significantly become more manageable if you start knowing some basic information regarding your available options.
Nevada, with over 2 million residents, is one of the places that usually rank last in the list of healthiest states by the United Health Foundationís Rankings. This may have been caused by several factors including high crime rates, high percentage of children that belong to the poverty level, and low public health funding. Furthermore, it also has a relatively high percentage of uninsured residents.

As such, there is an urgent need to improve the declining status of health care in the state, to which you can contribute if you get yourself insured.

A. Exploring Group Health Insurance
Being an employee allows you to gain access to an employer-sponsored group health plan. While not all employers provide this, those who do enable employees to obtain coverage with low monthly costs. Costs that covered employees must co-pay for depend on the employerís contribution, and around 25% of the health insurance companyís index rate.
Several regulations protect you as a consumer. In Nevada, eligibility for group health coverage cannot be based on your health status, which pertains to your medical condition or history, or genetic information. This means that the employer may deny you coverage or restrict policy inclusions based on factors that exclude your health status; such as being a part-time employee, or living outside the group planís service area. Furthermore, your employer cannot charge you with additional fees because of your health status; and your health insurance cannot be terminated even if you suddenly become ill.

B.  Exploring Individual Health Insurance 
Being covered by an employer-sponsored group plan does not translate to obtaining a comprehensive coverage. You will find that the group plan offers you limited benefits and options. As such, despite the low monthly costs, you may feel compelled to purchase an individual policy from a private insurer instead, or to acquire it as a significant supplement to your group plan.
An individual health plan is individually set-up, which makes it more capable of addressing your specific coverage needs and preferences. However, your eligibility in applying for an individual health plan may depend on the discretion of private insurers. Unlike in group health plans, your application for an individual health policy can be denied and certain inclusions can be restricted based on your health status. Pricing also varies due to several factors, including your health status and age. As such, individual coverage can either be an expensive or affordable health insurance in Nevada.

C. Family and Student Health Insurance under Individual or Group Health Plans
Private individual plans may also be referred to as family health plans, in cases wherein you purchase a single policy that covers your family. As for students, many schools in Nebraska require students to have health insurance. You may purchase an individual student health plan for a more customizable and individualized coverage, instead of the coverage offered by your school. Furthermore, you can easily save up on purchase expenses and premiums because private insurance companies take into account your age and status as a student.
Family coverage may also be included in your employer-sponsored group plan; however, benefits and options are simultaneously limited. For group student health insurance, your college or university likely offers a group plan for its students. If you are content with the limited options it provides, and you feel that an individual policy is not necessary, you may settle for the school-sponsored group plan, which is generally an affordable health insurance in Nevada.