Affordable Health Insurance in Montana
Affordable Health Insurance in Montana

While purchasing affordable health insurance in Montana may seem like a formidable task; it is crucial to the overall health care that you and your family will attain. Apart from considering a policy based on its affordability, you should also ensure that the affordable purchase comes with sufficient coverage according to the needs of you and your family.

The need to know and assess all relevant purchase and policy details can be overwhelming: But you can have a good grasp of your health care options by knowing basic and essential information about them. Furthermore, certain state bodies can aid you in your health insurance-related concerns during the process of choosing and purchasing a policy, and while being insured.

Understanding the basics of health care options
For more information and guidance on how to go about your purchase, you should consult with the Montana Division of Insurance.

A. Individual Health Insurance
You may choose to purchase an individual policy directly from a private insurer. The insurer will sell you a policy only if you are deemed to be qualified. Eligibility is largely subject to medical underwriting; which means that the insurer can reject your policy application or limit policy inclusions based on your health status. If you possess a particular health condition that entails high expensive care and services; your premiums are likely to be very expensive. This is because the state does not prohibit private health insurers from adjusting premium costs based on your health status. As such, one way to ensure that individual coverage is an affordable health insurance in Montana is to apply at a young age, and with a good health status.

In Montana, all insurers are required to offer a uniform health benefit plan to every applicant. This standard was formulated in order to present consumers with a less expensive policy. The plan requires the following: 50% coinsurance with $1,000 deductible; a lifetime maximum equal to $1,000,000; and a stop loss of $5,000. However, insurers also have the freedom to design non-uniform or non-standardized plans, which consumers may also purchase. The only standards that all individual policies should have are certain state-mandated services.

B. Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance may be obtained through associations, or your employer, or through purchasing pools. As an employee, you should check if you are eligible for an employer-sponsored group plan; where eligibility may be dictated by certain factors, excluding your health status. The employer cannot reject your application, charge you with additional fines, or limit your policy inclusions and benefits due to your health status.

Group plans entail low premium costs; generally because of co-payments, employer contribution, and its limited benefits. As such, people who are under group health insurance coverage would purchase an individual policy if they can afford it, because individual policies are more individualized or customizable.

C. Family and Student Health Insurance

If you want your family to obtain health insurance coverage, employer-sponsored group plans may include coverage for them; or you may just purchase a single individual policy that covers your family and other dependents.

With student health insurance, coverage may also be obtained through group or individual plans. Instead of employers, many colleges and universities in Montana offer their own group student health plans. As in the case with most group plans; costs are likely to be inexpensive, but plans usually fall short in addressing particular coverage needs. As such, you should consider purchasing an affordable health insurance in Montana through an individual student health plan.
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Affordable Health Insurance in Montana