Affordable Health Insurance in Missouri
Affordable Health Insurance in Missouri

The state of Missouri is confronted with issues of reducing the number of its uninsured residents. Because of its primary concern for the welfare of Missouri residents, the stateís regulatory efforts aim to protect consumers and them with opportunities to obtain adequate and affordable health insurance in Missouri.

Given these measures, you should compel yourself to take advantage of the aid provided by certain government and non-government organizations, which can help you in purchasing health insurance at low or affordable costs. Furthermore, it is imperative for you start understanding the basic information regarding your available options; in order for you to assess which among these best suits you and your familyís coverage preferences and needs, and your financial capacity to purchase and pay for designated premiums.

Affordability Standards within the State

Under the national non-profit advocacy coordination named Community Catalyst, the Community Catalyst for the Missouri Foundation for Health dedicates its services to ensure that Missouri residents have access to adequate, suitable, and affordable health insurance coverage.

In a paper written by the Community Catalyst for the Missouri Foundation for Health; the text states that over 700,000 of Missouri residents remain uninsured, mostly because these people cannot afford adequate health insurance. As such, the organization seeks to balance adequacy of health insurance policy options with their affordability. The underlying principle is: If health care coverage options that do not meet the financial capacities of families in Missouri, reduction of uninsured numbers remain distant.

In the paper; the Missouri organization generally defines affordability as the household annual income percentage that can be spent on health coverage, without damaging finances used for other necessities. Contacting the said organization will aid you in purchasing an affordable health insurance in Missouri.

Exploring Affordable Health Insurance Options

If you decide to consult the said organization, you should simultaneously equip yourself with some basic information on your health care options.

Group Insurance:  A group health plan is generally a way of obtaining coverage from employers or associations. If you are eligible, and you decide to be part of the group plan offered by your employer; you are likely to pay for low premium costs. However, coverage is intended for the common good: As such, individual or unique health care needs may not be sufficiently addressed unless you work for a mid or large-sized company where group plans are more customizable.

Individual Insurance: Missouri residents resort to obtain individual coverage if they are unemployed, self-employed, if they find the offered employer-sponsored plan to be limited, or if they want to supplement it. Pricing and eligibility depends on medical underwriting; as such, private insurers can reject, restrict policy exclusions, or impose higher prices based on your health status. However, all individual policies are required to cover certain state-mandated services. If the insurance company denies coverage, you may resort to checking your eligibility for the stateís high risk pool association, or the MHIP.

Student Insurance: As a student, if you are no longer covered under your parentís health insurance plan, or if you simply do not have any health insurance plan of your own: Most Missouri colleges and universities will require you to become covered by the schoolís offered health insurance plan. However, you have the option of choosing the group plan from your school, or purchasing an individual policy that is more individualized according to your coverage needs.

Family Insurance: Family health insurance may be obtained through group plans, usually if the employer-sponsored policy also covers your family. It can also be purchased as an individual policy, wherein the applicant will purchase a single policy that covers his family members, and possibly other dependents. Individual family health insurance, with its individualized and customizable characteristics, can be an affordable health insurance in Missouri if certain factors are met: Such as having a good health status, and paying for a high deductible in order to reduce premium costs.
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Affordable Health Insurance in Missouri