Affordable Health Insurance in Mississippi
Affordable Health Insurance in Mississippi

There are several personal and societal concerns that compel you to not just obtain health coverage; but also to make wise decisions in choosing the adequate and affordable health insurance in Mississippi.

Occupying one of the bottom rungs in the 2008 United Health Foundationís Health Rankings; the poor state of Mississippiís healthcare system is perceived to have been caused by factors such as high rate of criminal activities and smoking addiction, high percentage of poverty-ridden children, and low public health funding. It is imperative, then, for both state authorities and Mississippi residents to improve the system and ensure that residents are presented with opportunities to become properly insured.

Available options: Private or public health coverage programs

The regulatory efforts of Mississippi Department of Insurance are aimed towards public health coverage programs, and privately-sold health insurance policies. As such you have two basic options:

1. If you cannot purchase a particular health coverage that simultaneously fits your budget and needs; you may try to check your eligibility for public and subsidized health coverage and programs.

2. However, if you assess your budget and needs, and you perceive that you can financially pay for a policy purchase and keep up with its due ongoing premiums: There are several available options for you. In this case, you may opt to obtain coverage through group health insurance or individual health insurance.

The second scenario entails purchasing either a group plan or an individual plan. Family and health student insurance may fall under either of these two categories.

Obtaining Coverage through Private-market Policies

1. Group insurance is a large pool-type of coverage that residents may obtain through employers, associations, or through purchasing pools. The type of group health plan that employers purchase from the private market are either fully-insured or self-insured. If your employer offers group health insurance, enrolling in the offer group plan will likely translate to obtaining affordable health insurance in Mississippi. However, you should be aware of policy inclusions, regulations, and your coverage needs before choosing this type of coverage.
One of the protective state regulations applied to group health plans is the non-discrimination provision, which states your employer cannot deny or restrict your coverage based on your health status. This means you can fail to qualify if you do not meet the minimum standard of creditable work time and months, or if you live outside the group planís service area; but denial or policy limitations cannot be imposed on you due to health status reasons.
As a student aged18 or above, you may choose the coverage that your university or college provides. Family coverage can also be part of your employer-sponsored group plan. However, as is characteristic of most group plans: Your options and benefits are aimed to cater to the covered group as a whole, so group plans are not usually designed to address many of your unique preferences and individual health care needs.

2. Individual health insurance, which is also known as personal or private health insurance, entails that you purchase an individual policy directly from the private insurer. If you deem your existing group policy to be lacking and you want to supplement it, or if you do not qualify for an employer-sponsored plan; you may choose to purchase individual health insurance.

Private insurers are subject to assess your qualification through medical underwriting; and can choose to deny or restrict your coverage due to your past and present health status. Purchase and premium costs also depend on your age and health status. As such, the younger and healthier you are, then the more that an individual policy can be the fitting and affordable health insurance in Mississippi.

Family health insurance is obtained through paying for an individual policy that covers your family or other chosen dependents. If youíre a student, and you prefer and can afford a more individualized policy: Affordable individual student health plans are offered by health insurance companies.

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Affordable Health Insurance in Mississippi