Affordable Health Insurance in Minnesota
Affordable Health Insurance in Minnesota
Having an adequate health insurance contributes to an overall improved health care, with several research data that back up the claim. Besides the financial protection it allows you to have in the face of large medical bills, purchasing an affordable health insurance in Minnesota provides you and your family with routine and preventive care. As such, having health insurance is crucial in ensuring that you and your family have good and adequate access to the health care and services that you need.

Minnesota: A Health-conscious State
Minnesota is popular for its efforts to safeguard the health of its citizens. In 2008, it ranked as the 4th healthiest state in United Health Foundation’s 2008 Health Rankings; after previously being the 1st and 2nd in 2006 and 2007, respectively. However, almost 9% of its residents remain uninsured, to which authorities respond through two major ways:

?Attempting to increase funding for public health
?Reducing the number of children who belong to the poverty level.

As a resident within the state, you are assured of the Insurance Division of Minnesota’s service of overseeing proper enforcement of federal and state laws that protect you as a consumer. You may report cases and file complaints towards unfair or offending practices by health insurance companies or agents, or any possibly suspicious move. For other necessary health-insurance related aid you might need, you should consult the state’s regulatory body.

Minnesota Health Care Options

Group Health Insurance

In a group health plan, your monthly payment will depend on your employer’s contribution, along with around 25% of the health insurance company’s index rate. Costs are generally low and affordable because the whole group shoulders payments. This makes group coverage a generally affordable health insurance in Minnesota, but a group plan is not as customizable as an individual plan: Inclusions and options in group health coverage may fall short in catering to your unique, individual needs.

Individual Health Insurance
With individual or personal health insurance, you can purchase a personally customized and individualized plan. However, a private insurer assesses your eligibility is subject to medical underwriting, among other factors. The assessment results can either compel the private health insurance provider to reject your application or restrict certain benefits. Furthermore, your health status, gender, age, and other factors aid in determining how much the private insurer will charge you. If you fail to qualify for an individual policy due to a certain medical condition that you have, you may obtain coverage from the state’s high risk pool association: MCHA.

Student and Family Health Insurance
You may obtain student and family coverage through a group or individual health policy. Under group plans, your employer-sponsored health coverage may also cover your family members; while student health coverage is obtained through the group plan offered by the college or university that you attend. Under individual plans, a family health insurance is purchased through a single policy that covers your family; while individual student health coverage may be purchased directly from a private insurer, especially if you deem that the school-based group plan is too limited.

General tips for a cost-saving purchase

Despite the notion that group plans generally require you to pay for low costs; you may still purchase an affordable health insurance in Minnesota through choosing an individual policy. Factors that allow you to save up on costs include:

-If you and your family have a good health status.
-If you are still young.

-If you choose a policy that allows you to pay a high deductible.
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Affordable Health Insurance in Minnesota