Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan
Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan
There is a pressing need to be covered by health insurance due to the financial protection and health-related benefits it provides. Even if you currently enjoying a good health status, you cannot predict what injuries may befall you and your family in the future. Furthermore, you cannot be sure of your financial capacity to pay or shoulder your future medical bills. These reasons show why it is important to purchase an adequate and affordable health insurance in Michigan.
The following are some of the essential things you should know before deciding on a particular health insurance coverage.

1. How is the insurance industry regulated?
The Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation takes charge of overseeing the operations within the health insurance industry and other types of insurance. In general, the agency’s regulatory efforts extend to public health coverage programs and health insurance policies offered by private-market insurers. You may refer to it for concerns regarding purchase decisions, complaints, protective regulations, and consumer guides. You may also refer to the Insurance Department for a list of health insurance companies and agents that are properly licensed to do business within the state.
Due to the changing health insurance market, making wise purchase decisions can be a difficult task. You may consult properly licensed health insurance agents or brokers for advice; but you should also start with doing your own research regarding some of the key and basic information that you need. These steps are important in finding appropriate and affordable health insurance in Michigan.

2. What are my available health care options?
There are two general ways of obtaining insurance in Michigan, excluding public coverage programs: Through group health plans, or individual or personal health plans.
Group health plans are usually offered by employers to provide their employees with health benefits, besides being obtained from associations. If you are an employee, you should be keen on whether your employer offers a particular group plan and if you are qualified for coverage. Employer-sponsored group plans may either be fully-insured or self-insured; you must check which of these is being offered because certain policy specifics vary depending on the type. The employer cannot reject, charge extra fines, or restrict your policies because of your health status. 

If you find the offered group plan too limited, you may choose to obtain coverage from an individual policy; or purchase it in order to complement your current existing group policy. Unlike in group plans, your eligibility to obtain an individual health plan significantly depends on your health status. Although pricing and other inclusions may vary, mandatory benefits that all individual policies should have include cancer screening for women, direct access to OB/GYNs, and maternity care. If private insurers deny you coverage, you may check if you are eligible for the state’s high risk pool association, or BCBSM.

Family health plans usually fall under individual coverage, wherein you purchase a single policy that covers your family members. Still, employer-based group plans may also offer or extend coverage to your family. Similarly, obtaining a student health plan in Michigan may be done through a group plan offered by your particular college or university; or through purchasing an individual policy from a private insurer. As in most states, colleges and universities in Michigan often require students to have health insurance. Whether obtained through an individual or group plan, it is wieldy for students to find an affordable health insurance in Michigan.
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