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Affordable Health Insurance in Massachusetts
Affordable Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is strict with its priority of safeguarding the health of its citizens. In an effort to enforce this safeguarding principle: You need to purchase an affordable health insurance in Massachusetts, because everyone who is over a certain age is required to have health coverage. Unlike in many states, getting insured in Massachusetts is not an option. Your option lies in striving to find the affordable health care plan that simultaneously meets the state’s standards.

The state is also constantly marked with new health reforms. This warrants you to be regularly updated with changing regulations. Failure to comply with state regulations on health insurance will yield fines and other possible sanctions. 

Changing Regulations
According to the consumer guide prepared by authors from Georgetown University and the Health Policy Institute, the following are the key general regulations and reforms towards health insurance within the state:
*July 1, 2007: The state requires all individuals who are 18 years and above to be under health insurance coverage.
?December 31, 2007: If residents fail to provide proof of their coverage, they will be penalized; such as through losing their personal tax exemption during instances when they file state taxes.

*2008: The state will fine uninsured individuals with up to 50% of the annual premium cost for the available least expensive eligible health insurance. During this year, everyone may comply with the mandate through being covered by any type of plan—whether employer-sponsored or individual.
*January 1, 2009: Not all benefit plans pass state standards. Creditable coverage must at least include emergency services, hospitalization, prescription drugs, mental health benefits, and primary and preventive care.

The Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, supervisor of new health care reforms, aids residents like you to purchase affordable health insurance in Massachusetts. This is done through offered programs called Commonwealth Choice and Commonwealth Care.

Health Care Options
The following delineate some particular state regulations on your health care options— group, individual, family, and student health insurance.
*The state encourages but not requires employers, with at least 11 employees, to provide health insurance access to employees. You may choose to sign up for a group health plan offered by your employer and check if you are eligible. Not all employees may qualify because of some constraints; an example of which is when you live outside the service area of the group plan. The non-discrimination protects you by prohibiting employers from denying you coverage, or limiting benefits based on health status grounds. Employer-sponsored group plans are generally affordable, but are not extensively individualized according to your particular needs.
*You may buy individual health insurance from Commonwealth Choice without getting rejected based on your health status. You may also purchase individual policies outside the said program, directly from private insurers, provided that the purchased policy is creditable by state standards.

*Family coverage may be obtained through a group health plan offered by your employer, or through purchasing an individual policy that covers your family.
*All colleges and universities in the state are required to offer health insurance coverage. If you’re a student aged 18 or above, you may purchase QSHIP or Qualifying Student Health Insurance Program; or an individual policy that provides coverage for benefits and accessible services that QSHIP covers. Purchasing either of the two, because of state regulations and protective measures; is likely a reasonable, adequate, and affordable health insurance in Massachusetts.