Affordable Health Insurance in Las Vegas, NV
Affordable Health Insurance in Las Vegas

It is important to purchase an adequate and affordable health insurance in Las Vegas, given the city’s context, situation, and lifestyle. According to Forbes magazine, Las Vegas is the topmost stressed out city, as it reportedly reaches the highest stress levels compared to any other city in the US. In the list, Las Vegas won the top spot for itself because of its high rate of unemployment and low exercise levels, among other determining factors. 

The best part is that it is easy to obtain health insurance at low costs, even without resorting to government-subsidized programs.

Group health insurance
is usually obtained through the workplace, unions and other professional associations or organizations, or through schools. Family coverage can be included within employer-sponsored coverage, and student health insurance offered by schools comes in the form of group coverage. However, group health insurance usually offers limited benefit options compared to individual health insurance.

1. Having a job can have its wonderful perks, besides the salary that supposedly pays for your sweat. For one, it is common for employers to offer group coverage as an employee benefit, in an effort to attract and sustain the loyalty of fitting workers. The best part is that employer-related group health insurance usually accounts as one of the best ways to obtain affordable health insurance in Las Vegas. For employers with small businesses in Las Vegas, also referred to as small employers with around 2 to 50 employees that work on a full-time basis, they can privately purchase small business insurance at affordable costs. Larger businesses tend to purchase and pay for costlier group health insurance.
2. Many universities and colleges in Las Vegas offer health insurance at very affordable rates, so school-based group coverage is also one of the easiest and usual ways to obtain health insurance. This setup mostly benefits students who are no longer covered by their parents’ plans. Furthermore, most schools require all students to have health insurance, so it is likely to obtain student health insurance through schools.

Individual health insurance
is directly or privately purchased. It is the usual option for the unemployed, self-employed, and those who wish to have more comprehensive coverage. 

1. Family health insurance falls under this classification, and is also usually synonymous to it, because you may purchase a single individual policy to cover your dependents or family members.
2. Student health insurance may also not necessarily be exclusive to that which is offered by the school—it can also be privately purchased provided that the school allows the student to find comparable health insurance elsewhere.

3. Unlike with group health insurance, your ability to obtain individual coverage can significantly rely on your health status. This means that private insurers can choose not to sell you a policy if these deem you to be a high-risk individual.  However, this same health status factor can also come as a blessing— being healthy and young significantly enables you to get low rates.
4. You can also cut costs if you pay for a high deductible. As such, affordable health insurance in Las Vegas can possibly be obtained through individual health insurance, despite its common reputation of being expensive.
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