Affordable Health Insurance in Houston
Affordable Health Insurance in Houston
Shopping for affordable health insurance in Houston has become easier because of the state of Texas’s overall efforts to maintain a healthy environment, and to promote the health of its residents. In 2006, the Money magazine has published an article entitled “100 Best Places to Live”, which states that 84.6% of those who reside in Houston have health insurance. The populace reportedly possesses an average BMI of 25.

Most notably, the effort to strengthen the health care system is largely seen through the state’s measures to reduce the number of under-insured or un-insured Houston residents. For those who cannot afford a purchase, there a several health care programs provided in the city. Furthermore, for those who can afford a purchase: Those who are yet to be insured or under-insured have several ways of acquiring coverage that is both affordable and adequate.

Health Insurance Options
In Houston, the usual selection of health insurance options are PPO plans. Getting insured through a PPO health insurance plan, if your financial resources can afford a purchase, is mainly through getting insured under a group health insurance or an individual health insurance.
Group, Individual, and Student Health Insurance
Signing up for the group plan offered by your employer is one of the most common ways of getting yourself insured under group coverage, but there are other possible sources such as getting coverage from professional associations and other organizations. Under group health plans, premiums are usually low.
However, neither small nor large businesses are required to offer coverage to employees, so check with your employer if he does. If you are an employer, you may purchase a group health plan for your employees. Prices and regulations may vary depending on the size of your business.
You may also purchase individual health insurance, or family health insurance if the policy covers you family members, during cases when you deem the existing group coverage to be lacking. This type of coverage entails purchasing the policy directly from a private insurer, and can also be either an expensive or affordable health insurance in Houston. This is because rates may largely depend on the applicant’s age, health status, and family size.
Student health insurance may be acquired through the school-based coverage, or through personally purchasing individual health insurance.

There have been reforms in the insurance market, applied to most individual and group health insurance policies, the plan years of which begins on Sept. 23, 2010 or after the said date. Based on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and related Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act enacted last March, modified regulations include the following:

Health plans that cover dependents are obliged to allow them to remain in their parent’s plan, up until they’re aged 26, provided that they lack access to employer-sponsored group coverage.

No health plan must apply pre-existing condition exclusions or refuse coverage to children below 18 years old.

All consumers have the right to external and internal appeals, in relation to coverage denials and claims.

Such reforms, given their emphasis on giving more rights to consumers along with Houston’s overall efforts to maintain people’s health, have made it more possible for residents to become properly insured- through providing better access to adequate and affordable health insurance in Houston.

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Affordable Health Insurance in Houston