Affordable Health Insurance in Georgia
Affordable Health Insurance in Georgia

It is never too early, and one is never too healthy, to purchase an affordable health insurance in Georgia.
People who usually have a favourable health history and status tend to perceive the health insurance policy as an unnecessary purchase. However, regardless of your current or past condition: Future accidents and unexpected illnesses can occur. As such, it is wise to be prepared through acquiring financial protection, and other inclusive benefits that health insurance policies provide.

Health Insurance Coverage in Georgia
In Georgia, you have the choice to purchase or be covered by a variety of health insurance policies. You may either opt to set up a health insurance policy individually, or fall under group coverage where several people or groups receive coverage under a single policy.

Individual and Group Coverage
As an employee, you should check with your job if its benefits include group health insurance coverage. This type of coverage is employer-based. As such, you will have to accept the policy that the employer provides, and you will participate in co-payments. Coverage may apply not only to you but also to your family. If the coverage is through HMO or a managed-care plan the decisions and policy inclusions largely rest on the health care provided. Still, some employers offer more flexible coverage inclusions, such as providing you with freedom to choose your own physicians.   

If you do not want to be covered by an employer-sponsored group coverage; if you lack access to it; or if you wish to supplement your existing group coverage, you may opt for a private or individual policy. An individual policy is not really limited to one person, you may choose a single policy for yourself, or one that also covers your family. As such, private individual policies may also refer to (private) family health insurance. If you wish to purchase an individual policy you must be aware that unless you are an HIPAA eligible, the private insurer may choose to reject your application or restrict your coverage based on your health status.

The common notion is that group coverage is less costly than an individual or private insurance plan. However, you may actually purchase an affordable health insurance in Georgia through individual coverage if you and your dependents’ health are in good condition. You may also cut down on costs if you purchase a particular type of policy that offers high deductibles; which enables you to enjoy low premium costs.

Student and Family Health Insurance
It is not uncommon for universities to require that their students must be provided with health care insurance. If you are a student, you have two options in purchasing a Student Health Insurance- through group or individual policy. Under group coverage, the insurance is provided by the school, instead of the employer. However, if you opt for a private student health insurance, you may go directly to private insurers. You need to be wary of your prospective company’s, and the specifics of its offered policy. This is because while state and federal laws regulate the industry, the private market provides companies to enjoy a certain amount of freedom in designing their policies.

As stated earlier: Family coverage can also be attained through group (if it extends coverage to your family members) or through individual health insurance. It is better to opt for purchasing an individual policy for your family if you want a more tailor-fitted policy. As such, you should balance looking for the affordable health insurance in Georgia with suitability concerns; as applied to you and your family’s necessities.
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