Affordable Health Insurance in Florida
Affordable Health Insurance in Florida

Safeguarding one’s health should be a primary concern for each individual. While preventive care measures can contribute to avoiding certain illnesses and conditions; accidents may happen, and health inevitably deteriorates as one grows older. As such, acquiring a suitable and affordable health insurance in Florida is a wise, preparatory measure. It can provide the financial protection you need in the face of overwhelming medical expenses, along with providing other health-related services.

The Purchaser’s Responsibilities and Rights

Before embarking on the search for the fitting health insurance that can best cover your needs, you should be aware of your basic rights and responsibilities. Based on a guide created by Alex Sink, the Chief Financial Officer of Florida, some of your basic rights and obligations include:


As a resident of Florida, you have the right to gain your own copy of the policy you purchased, or the certificate for you group policy that will guide you regarding your coverage details. Another is that you are subject to properly receive copies of any documentation that you or your agent has signed. You also have the right to appeal to insurers if your claims are denied.


You must be a responsible purchaser and insured person, through understanding the specifics of your particular insurance policy. Thus, immediately clarify with your agent or employer the details that prove to be confusing or vague to you.

For individual policies: You need to be aware of the federal and state regulations that govern the individual market, but you should also be aware of the limits of those regulations because there are particular details that private companies have the prerogative to decide upon. You should also be responsible of ensuring that your application is accurate and fraud-free, especially on information regarding your health status. Companies have the right to terminate your contract or refuse honouring a due claim if fraudulence is discovered.

Distinguishing between Group and Individual Plans

Group plans are the types of policies that employers usually use in order to provide coverage for their employees. If you are under group coverage, you will have a certificate that serves as your policy. The provisions are not merely exclusive to the employees—some provisions can also extend coverage towards your family members. Employers may choose whether to purchase a basic or a standard plan. While generally a more affordable health insurance in Florida, group policies are not as tailor-fitted as individual policies.

Individual plans are individually set-up, or directly bought from private insurance companies. Usually, people buy individual plans because they may not be included in the group coverage offered by their employer; or they want to supplement the current group coverage that they have. You may buy an individual plan that covers just yourself, or all of your family members under a single policy. You are allowed to have a 10-day free look period, which means you can still choose to push through or cancel the individual policy.

Given these distinctions, student health insurance may either be purchased as an individual policy, or under a particular group coverage that the school provides. As stated earlier, family health insurance usually falls under individual coverage; but employer-based group policies may also offer coverage to your family.

Both individual and group coverage have their own pros and cons; in relation to customizable features, benefits, regulations, and costs. As such, you should further compare the particulars of each policy so you can better choose the most fitting and affordable health insurance in Florida.
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