Affordable Family Health Insurance
Affordable Family Health Insurance
Families looking to save money on health insurance often get overwhelmed by all of the options available. When people are used to having their benefits provided for them by their employer, and then they find themselves shopping for medical coverage on their own for the first time, the task of finding the right plan can be very intimidating.

Finding affordable family health insurance is important to everyone. Especially if the economy is going down while the unemployment rate rises. Many families are losing their benefits when they lose their jobs, so finding the cheapest health care plan that will meet all your family members needs is even more important than ever before.

What is the best way to shop for insurance for my family?
Before you begin the process of shopping for a new health plan, gather some information about your current health plan such as deductibles, monthly cost, out of pocket limits, office visit copays, and policy limits. After you have done that, go over all each family members health history and decide who needs to have what kind of coverage.

Some people may need prescription drug coverage while others do not. Some may need maternity insurance, and of course men do not! Find out how many times each year each person typically goes to see the doctor. When you start looking at how different all of your family members needs are, you may decide that is cheapest to put some of your family members on different types of health plans. This can actually save you a lot of money each month.

How low of a deductible should I look for?
Many group or employer sponsored insurance plans have very low yearly deductibles. Some as low as $250 per year. Family health insurance plans will typically utilize a higher deductible level, many beginning at $1000 per person, per year. Some health care plans will offer coverage for things such as yearly exams or routine checkups with no deductible to need to be met before the benefits are paid by the insurance company.

In most cases, if your family is very healthy, choosing a health insurance plan with a higher deductible is a great way to keep you monthly premiums affordable, A lot of healthy people will not ever meet even a $250 per year deductible so why pay the higher cost for a low deductible policy? Look for a family health insurance plan with a $1000 or higher deductible that offers some sort of coverage where the deductible is waived for some benefits such as routine exams.

Is family health insurance cheaper than my group insurance?
In some cases, the answer is "YES!", but not always. Family plans that are not purchased through your employer can be cheaper because each family member can go through an underwriting process (varies by state!), and sometimes be rated up or down based on things like your health history, height and weight, smoking status, and your locations.

Sometimes people think that their group insurance plan is cheap compared to a family plan, but what they don't realize is that most of the time the employers have to by law cover 50% of the monthly cost of your group insurance policy. Since in some states, the insurance companies cannot ask health questions of members applying for a group insurance plan, the rates are much higher because the risk to the company is much higher than with a family insurance plan where people can be underwritten individually.

Affordable Health Insurance
What is the best way to find the most affordable family health insurance plan?
Using the internet is the easiest way to find the best health care choices for your family. When you shop online or do research using websites such as this one, you can easily be put in touch with insurance agents in your local area that are licensed experts, and they will know the best options available to you and your family/ Sometimes find a good reliable broker or agent can be difficult too. So this website has been designed to put you in touch with companies that do business in all 50 states, their brokers and agents, and take the hassle out of finding a family health insurance plan.

Simply go to the top of this page, make sure your proper state has been selected, as well as the type of coverage you are shopping for, and then click the red button. In just a few seconds, multiple options for your desired type of coverage will be displayed to you. Simply click on one of the family health insurance providers, then complete their contact forms to be put in touch with an agent in your area. Finding affordable family health insurance has never been so easy!
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Affordable Health Insurance for a Family
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