Affordable Health Insurance in Denver
Affordable Health Insurance in Denver, Colorado
It is easy to see why having an affordable health insurance in Denver, Colorado is a must. Considering the fact that injury and accidents may just happen any time, along with the overwhelming medical bills that must be paid in order to receive proper treatment. What usually require difficult decisions is how to choose among a variety of health insurance options, to understand various technical details and regulations, and to make wise purchase decisions. Fortunately, the fitting and adequate health insurance is within reach as long as you strive to attain it inch by inch — and the best way to approach the task is to familiarize yourself with the basics.

Whether you’re employed, unemployed, an employer, a college student, the two main ways of obtaining coverage is through group or individual health insurance.

The basics of group health insurance
· Coverage through group health insurance is generally obtained through your employer, trade unions, professional associations, and the likes. Employer-sponsored group coverage proves to be the most feasible source of health insurance for employees.

· You cannot be disqualified from gaining employer-sponsored coverage based on your health status and genetic information, among several factors. Valid disqualifying reasons may include working part-time.

· Variations in regulations and details may emerge depending on the size of the employer’s business, and whether the offered plan is self-funded or fully-insured.

· Group coverage usually stands as a good source of affordable health insurance in Denver, especially through small-business employer-sponsored coverage. However, along with lower costs are generally reduced options, and less comprehensive coverage.

The basics of individual health insurance
· If you are unemployed, self-employed, or you want to compensate for the limitedness of your existing group policy — you may choose to buy health insurance directly from a company or private insurer. 

· Unlike the case in group health insurance, individual or private insurers may base their decision — of whether or not to sell you coverage — on your health status. Premiums may also vary based on this factor. However, genetic information is not a valid reason for them to reject your application, to charge added fines, or to impose exclusions in your policy.

As such, having a high-risk health status is likely to hinder you from easily purchasing individual health insurance; and even if you succeed, having an expensive medical condition will cause your premiums to be simultaneously expensive. However, if you are a low-risk individual, you will not only have higher chances of purchasing individual health insurance, the costs you will pay are also inclined to be low.

Family and student health insurance
· Family coverage can be obtained through employer-sponsored group coverage, given that it extends coverage to family members of the eligible employee. Still, family health insurance is more usually known as individual health insurance, wherein an individual policy is purchased to cover all family members.

· Students are usually offered by their respective universities and colleges with school-sponsored coverage. However, if the school allows other sources of health insurance for the student, the student may choose to look for a more adequate and affordable health insurance in Denver through the resorting to the private or individual market.
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