Affordable Dental Insurance and affordable dental plans
Affordable Dental Insurance
Dental insurance plans are one of the most affordable types of coverage you can get for a family or an individual. Most insurance companies offer several variations of their plans and benefits to meet various needs. Select "dental Insurance" from the drop down list above and click the button to see dental insurance options in your state. If you need some help determining what type of plan is best for you, please read the explanations below.

Dental Insurance or Dental Discounts? What's the difference?
There can be a big difference in cost and benefits between dental insurance or a dental discount plan. With dental insurance, an insurance company is helping you pay the bills for your dental care. With a dental discount plan, the discount company administers a network of dentists that have agreed to discount their services for people that have paid a monthly membership fee. The trade off with the discount dental plans is that you are expected to pay the discounted price at the time of service. No insurance company will be "co paying" the bills with you.

Affordable Dental Insurance PPO plans
Just like in health insurance, dental insurance plans can use what is known as a PPO (Preferrred Provider Organization). The dental insurance companies set up contracts with a network of dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists and other specialists. When you have a dental insurance plan that offers you access to these networks, the dentists have agreed on a predetermined price for the dental procedures that they perform. This saves you money because the insurance company has done all of the price negotiating for you

Many dental insurance plans will use what is known as a tiered benefit level. What that means is that the longer you keep the dental insurance plan in place, the better the coverage gets. For example, the first year, the dental plan may only cover up to 20% of major dental work, but then on the 2 year you have the plan in place, the coverage increases to cover up to 40% on major dental work. Then by the third year you have you policy in place, the coverage grows to cover as much as 80% on dental services.

Discount Dental Plans
Some dentists will provide services at a discount if you have a dental discount card that if offered by multiple companies in the US.  Savings can vary but typically they can run from between 10-50% depending on the company, the dentist, and the location. One of the benefits to having a dental discount plan is there are no waiting periods for a pre existing dental condition. You can usually use these discount cards as much as you want, with no limitations. The dental discount plans are usually much cheaper than a dental insurance plan, and they can save you money instantly on crowns, root canals, braces, oral surgery, routine cleanings, exams, x-rays, teeth whitening, extractions, dental implants, dentures, and pretty much all dental care. Usually, dental discount plans are more affordable than dental insurance plans.

Which type of dental plan is right for me?
The best way to determine which type of plan is best for is by asking your self a few simple questions:

1. Do you need major dental work done right away? If so, a dental discount card may be the best fit for your since there are no waiting periods or limits to use.

2. Are you used to having just routine exams and yearly checkups? If so, then a dental insurance plan could be a great bargain for you since you aren't looking to have major dental work done right away.

3. Are you just looking to save as much money as possible for the time being? Then overall, the discount cards are the best choice since the are much cheaper to pay for. Some plans can cost as low as $79 per year!

4. Have you had the same dentist for a long time and really do not want to change? Then choose a dental insurance plan that can be used at any dentist. Most discount cards will require you to use dentists in the discount network, but many affordable dental insurance plans will allow you to use any dentist you like.

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