Affordable Health Insurance in Dallas
Affordable Health Insurance in Dallas, Texas

Dallas is one of Texas’s cities with a strong commitment to health care: It shares the state’s devotion to maintaining and improving the welfare of its residents. Several lists attest to the healthy status of Dallas communities. As such, purchasing an affordable health insurance in Dallas is made easier for residents.

An article from Money magazine, in 2006, states that almost 90% of Dallas residents own a health insurance plan. Figures on cancer and cardiac-related deaths within the city are substantially lower compared to national average statistics. Furthermore, Dallas is in a constant quest to keep reducing the number of uninsured and inadequately insured residents by providing several medical care programs, especially to those who cannot afford to purchase an adequate plan.

However, if you are one of those who have ample financial resources to make a purchase-there are several options that enable you to buy a particular health insurance plan that is both adequate and affordable.

Group, Individual, Family and Student Health Insurance
1. Group Health Insurance - If you are an employer, you may want to purchase a group health plan from the individual market to provide coverage to your employees. This will not only show that you are concerned about your employees’ health- you will also likely gain their loyalty. Your choices will depend on how small or big your business is-whether you are a small-employer or large-employer- and policy regulations and prices posed by insurance companies will also vary depending on the size of your business.

As an employee, you and your family can easily obtain affordable health insurance in Dallas through the employer-sponsored coverage. However, despite low premiums - this type of coverage often has limited options and inclusions. As such, you may want to purchase an individual plan to supplement the employer-sponsored plan, or to take its place.

2. Individual Health Insurance - An individual health plan is something you directly purchase in the private market, from a private insurer or health insurance company. The popular notion is that individual health insurance is expensive, but there are several ways to  make an affordable purchase.

For one, your eligibility to obtain individual health insurance is subject to the insurance company’s medical underwriting, which means that the insurer can refuse to sell you a policy if your health status proves to make you a high-risk individual. Conversely, if you generally have a good past and present health status, you will likely get and keep an individual policy at affordable costs. Another way to ensure that premiums are affordable is through purchasing a high-deductible plan.

3. Family Health Insurance and Student Health Insurance - Your family can obtain coverage through the employer-sponsored group plan, or through purchasing a single individual plan that already covers your members. As earlier discussed, the key advantage of individual health insurance, in this case, is by providing you and your family with extensive options while posing opportunities to be charged with low premiums-provided that your family’s health status is favourable, the family size is small, the family lives in key geographical areas, and that the purchased plan offers a high deductible.

At the same time, colleges and universities usually offer school-based group coverage to their students. However, if you’re a student and if you want to have a more comprehensive coverage-you are likely to obtain affordable health insurance in Dallas through buying one through the individual or private market.
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