Affordable Health Insurance in Columbus
Affordable Health Insurance in Columbus, Ohio

It is challenging to purchase the affordable health insurance in Columbus that can simultaneously provide a fitting and adequate care. In relation to this, you should be aware that Columbus and the State of Ohio recognize the fact that consumers need and deserve proper guidance.

For health insurance concerns, especially in terms of knowing regulations, terminologies, tips-you may refer to the Ohio Department of Insurance for guidance. The department can also provide you with lists of credible health insurance companies that operate in Columbus. Furthermore, you may also ask for aid from professional agents; but you should still be wary of your role to conduct your own research, and to personally understand your prospective policy’s specifics before purchasing it.

Key notes on Group Health Insurance

Employers in Columbus are not required to offer coverage to their respective employees. However, if you are an employer; you may wish to use health insurance in order to take care of your employees, and to maintain their loyalty especially if you are blessed with hardworking workers.

If this is the case, you may purchase a group health plan. Your options depend on the size of your business (small business or large), and whether you want a self-funded or fully-insured plan for your employees. Self-insured plans oblige you, the employer, to shoulder the expenses posed by your employees’ inclusive health care services. On the other hand, a fully-insured plan involves expenses shouldered by the insurance company.

However, if you are an employee- you should also consider other options apart from the employer-sponsored coverage offered to you. While it is true that group coverage is associated with low premiums and may extend coverage to your family, you and your dependents’ individual and unique coverage needs may not be addressed. This is because group coverage, especially fully-insured and small-business types, commonly offers limited benefit options.

Key notes on Individual Health Insurance
The mentioned reasons compel many people to purchase an individual health plan from a private insurer. Apart from being more customizable and more capable of addressing particular needs and wants; individual health plans can also be a fitting source of affordable health insurance in Columbus.

Similar to most states, one key thing to note about individual health insurance is that private insurers in Columbus are not obliged to standardize the design of their policies; yet all individual health policies in the city should include certain services as mandated by the State of Ohio. Furthermore, these private insurers can assess your eligibility to purchase a policy based on your health status. As such, if you are a high risk individual, you may still be qualified to purchase but your premiums will be very expensive. At the same time, having a good past and present health record or status heighten your chances of being charged with low premium rates.

Student and Family Health Insurance
Employer-sponsored group coverage may extend coverage to your family. However, family health insurance should be highly capable of addressing the particular needs of your family members. As such, purchasing individual health insurance for your family, wherein the single policy covers family members or dependents, proves to be a wiser choice.

As a student in Columbus, it is highly likely that your university or college offers its own school-sponsored group coverage. Like many group health plans, your premiums are low, but the options are also limited. As such, you may want to purchase an individual student health plan directly from a private insurer; especially if you wish to strike a balance of having adequate and affordable health insurance in Columbus.
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