Affordable Health Insurance in Cleveland
Affordable Health Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio

Finding and keeping affordable health insurance in Cleveland will constitute one of the wisest decisions to make, in terms of safeguarding you and your family’s health and finances. As such, you should not hesitate on whether to obtain coverage or not — the more fitting question would be on how to choose which among your available options make for the wisest purchase decision.

Comparing options: group and individual health insurance
What are your options? If you have keenly assessed your current financial resources and future capacity to pay, and the results show that you can afford to purchase and continuously pay for health insurance, your common options would be to obtain coverage through group or individual health insurance. Otherwise, there are public alternative care programs available to Cleveland residents that provide basic care. Yet given the uncertain nature of you and your family’s future health needs, it is important to acquire as much coverage as you can afford. Whether you choose to settle for individual or group health insurance, or both—you have substantial opportunities to purchase and keep affordable health insurance in Cleveland.

Group health insurance
- If your aim for securing health insurance is to acquire coverage for yourself and your family, which means that you do not strive to provide coverage to a large group of people, then your access to group health insurance is through obtaining group coverage as offered by policy holders. These include employers, associations, religious organizations, and the like.

- Among the possible sources, employer-sponsored coverage is easy to qualify for, and generally offers low premiums. However, you must still be keen on whether your employer offers a fully-insured or self-insured plan, and the business size that the plan covers. These factors affect how extensive your options will be and how much premiums will cost.

- Whether you are qualified to join the coverage offered by your employer or not cannot be based on your health status, and neither can you be imposed with added fines because of this ground. However, you may be disqualified due to working on a part-time basis, among other valid reasons.

-If you are eligible, your family may simultaneously be covered through employer-sponsored group coverage. Many Cleveland colleges and universities also offer school-based group coverage to students.

Individual health insurance
- For a more comprehensive health insurance that can directly cater to your individual needs, you should opt for individual health insurance. It is privately purchased, and so you are able to individualize the coverage to a large extent.

- Private insurers can choose not to sell you a policy if your health status, along with other relevant factors, show that you are a high-risk individual. Medical underwriting is undertaken. However, there are instances within the year when you or any other applicant cannot be refused due to health status grounds and other determinants, as ensured through guaranteed issue. Being HIPAA eligible in Cleveland also enables you to have automatic rights to buy a standard or basic plan from private insurers.

- In relation to family and student health insurance: Individual health insurance does not merely cater to you alone—you can purchase a very comprehensive policy that will cover your family. Furthermore, if you are a student, you may check with your school if it will allow you to obtain coverage through purchasing coverage from the individual market.

Generally, premiums that come with individual health insurance must be proportional with the offered benefits. However, premiums can generally vary without limit for policies that are not protected through guaranteed issue. In this case, health status, family size, gender, and similar factors can determine whether you will purchase and keep individual health insurance as an expensive or affordable health insurance in Cleveland, Ohio.
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