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There are many important choices to make when it comes to which health insurance company to apply for coverage with each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Every family or individual has different needs when it comes to health care, depending on things like their medical condition or the monthly cost of the insurance plan, even where you live. Someone living in Oakland may have different options available to him than someone in Los Angeles, and they’ll differ in their options for doctors and hospitals. At times a policy will not meet with the needs of the individual, and in this case maybe that is not the best company for the situation. To protect your health, and even your wealth, you need to choose a coverage that is right for you and your family. If you don’t, you may not be able to pay any unexpected medical bills, or have them paid for you by the insurance company in the event of a major medical, catastrophic event.

The cheapest health insurance is not always the best health insurance. Some of the lowest cost health insurance plans in California will have big gaps in their coverage to keep the monthly cost affordable. But this can leave you exposed to big financial losses if your medical conditions fall into one of these gaps that are not covered by your policy. We offer rate quotes with a number of health insurers like Aetna, Anthem, Celtic and Cigna to make sure everyone in California, whether they live in San Bernadino or Sacramento, has access to the best health plan options in a health insurer. But before making any decisions on which insurance company to use, you need to think about your needs, your family’s needs, or maybe even the needs of your business.

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is a medical condition that exists before a person enrolls into a health plan with any insurance company. Some insurers won’t cover pre-existing medical conditions. Pre existing medical conditions can be covered if the person has had coverage in place with a previous insurance company, and they had that coverage in place for at least 18 months with no more than a 63 day gap in coverage. If this criterion is met, the new insurance company can waive the waiting period for a pre existing medical condition, and cover the medical condition with no waiting period. If you have no prior health coverage, and you have a pre existing medical condition and are accepted for coverage by a new insurance company, the new insurance company can issue a policy with a waiting period. Typically waiting periods will last 9-12 months before that specific medical condition is covered. This varies by state and by company so it is important to do some research. Does Blue Cross or Assurant cover your pre-existing condition? What about PacifiCare? Let’s say only a few of those do—now ask yourself this: “What is most important to you?”

Do you run a business where you need to insure your employees?

This could be tricky since all of your employees will have a wide range of health care needs. You’d have to find the best health insurance plan that will meet your employers needs. Again, there will be research involved. Does PacifiCare or Blue Shield have a good group policy that matches the needs of your workers? Does it match your needs or your families needs? You need to make sure your business can afford the group health insurance, and that it has the best coverage for everyone involved. But what if you’re self employed? You will have the same basic guidelines to insurance as an individual or family. Some self employed people shopping for health insurance even consider hiring an employee so that they can be eligible for small business health insurance. With the economy as it is now, self employed people have to pinch every penny, and group health insurance could really help to get coverage if a self employed person has pre existing medical conditions.

Are you unemployed?

Considering that a lot of Californians get their health insurance for themselves, and their family through their employer, someone who is unemployed could be at a huge disadvantage in finding the right health insurance. Since most employers use their businesses Human Resources (HR) department to shop for insurance for the entire group, now when one becomes unemployed, it is up to them, the individual, to do the shopping for their coverage. This can be a time consuming, and confusing process. Now you have two choices: individually invest in health insurance, even though individual policies are normally, but not always, more expensive than group policies, or you could go without health insurance. Each has its own disadvantage. The disadvantage in investing in health insurance is that it can be expensive, and with someone being unemployed it could interfere with other things like your living expenses. But there is a huge risk if you choose to go without health insurance.. For one, you’ll be expected to pay for every doctor’s appointment, check-up, or medication which might end up a larger expense than just buying insurance. Take into consideration how much time you and your family might spend in a doctor’s office or hospital, and how much that might cost before you decide which route to take. What if someone gets cancer, or has a bad accident?. The cost for any major medical issue can be hundreds of thousands of dollars and force you into bankruptcy! One other option is short-term health insurance, for those that can qualify. Short Term Health insurance can be affordable and can last for up to twelve months.  If you are in between jobs, or you just graduated from college and lost your student health insurance plan, and are unemployed, a short term health insurance can be very affordable.

With the economy today it can be even harder to find low costs for premiums, especially in California. Everyone has an opportunity for good health care, with the best options for the whole family and a good, affordable rate. We work with companies like Health Net and Cigna, and with people from San Diego to San Francisco to help them find the lowest cost premiums to keep their family, or their business safe.very affordable California health insurance for individuals, families, and the self employed.

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