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Affordable Health Insurance in Alaska
You and your family deserve the most suitable protection you can get. Given the possibilities of incurring large medical bills because of unwanted accidents, illnesses, and other medical-related concerns— choosing an affordable health insurance in Alaska will significantly prepare you and your family to shoulder such health-related financial concerns with ease.
However, acquiring an affordable health insurance plan based on its low price is not enough; you should first spend some time learning about the protections that go with that type of health insurance plan. While this task requires extensive research on your part, making the best purchase decisions is definitely worth the effort for residents of Anchorage, Fairbanks, or any major city.

Health Insurance Regulations in Alaska: Individual and Group Insurance Coverage
Regardless of the type of health insurance plan that you choose, the procedures will be under the regulatory federal and state laws. The following coverage details include some of the state laws enforced in Alaska:

A. Individual Health Insurance Coverage
Under the regulatory efforts of the Alaska Division of Insurance, health insurance companies sell private – individual and family health insurance coverage; generally to people who are self employed, unemployed, or those not covered by the group insurance provided by their very own employers.
Before selling a particular policy, insurance companies will take into account pertinent information regarding your health and age. Based on the information that you give, companies are legally subject to: offer you certain coverage with exclusions in relation to a health condition, or fully reject your application. The exclusions may either be temporary or permanent. Furthermore, provisions and rules in the state also set particular requirements to companies; such as covering certain medical services (e.g. cancer screening and hearing aids). Individual health insurance is generally a more affordable health insurance in Alaska, compared to group insurance.

B.  Health Insurance for small businesses
In Alaska, any company that consists of 2 to 50 employees qualify as small group health insurance. Under the coverage of group health insurance and the particular health plan design that was chosen; employees enjoy a certain guarantee that regardless of their health conditions, the plan will remain in effect. However, not all employees are eligible to be covered under the group coverage provided by the employer. This exception includes part-time workers, or those that live outside the insurance company’s service area.
Family health insurance and student health insurance may either be individual or group policies. The difference generally lies on whether the policy is employer-sponsored or if the applicant set it up directly with a private insurer. An additional feature is that with student health insurance, group coverage is provided by the school and not by an employer.

Financial Aid Options
If your household income is low and your resources fall short in affording health insurance plans, you may qualify for financial aid programs.


This program provides coverage to eligible residents in Alaska and includes coverage provisions for families with disabled members, elder people, pregnant women, and children; provided that income guidelines and other state requirements are met. The Denali KidCare is also part of the state’s Medicaid program, that offers coverage for eligible children and pregnant women.

B.Breast and Cervical Cancer Health Check

BCHC is a program that offers cervical and breast cancer screenings to qualified female residents in Alaska. Qualifications are generally based on age and income.

Alaska Affordable Health Insurance Plans

However, if you have the resources of purchasing a health insurance coverage and plan; you should proceed to researching about the details of particular types of health insurance plans. The types of Alaska affordable health insurance include: HSA, PPO, and HMO plans. In the process of your research, always bear in mind that affordable plans are usually characterized by having high deductible rates.

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